Bike & Electric Scooter Repairs & Maintenance

electric-bike-repairsProper electric bicycle maintenance is really no different than the maintenance needed for any other conventional bicycle. Electric bikes require more care since they will usually be ridden more than a conventional bicycle.

Items that  impact performance such as dirt in the gears or deflated tires,  forces the battery to work harder. This shortens the time between charges and means you can travel less distance on a single charge.  An electric bike has very few moving parts.

  • Avoid the use high pressure water sprays or power jets when washing your bike.
  • Cleaning your bike is a good opportunity to look closely for a worn, loose, cracked, rust, teared or damaged parts.
  • Dry off the bike after washing it, or after riding in wet weather
  • Don’t leave your bike out in the rain or snow

Ask us about our maintenance and repair services such as lubrication for chains, levers, derailleurs, cables, etc. A clean, lubricated e-bike tends to be faster, smoother and quieter.