Electric Bike Benefits


Does an electric bicycle fit your lifestyle?

An electric bike can change your life

How many errands and short trips are with 10 kilometers of your home? Think about it: shopping, video rental, automatic teller machines, deliveries, recreation. Trips up to two kilometers from home are quicker and easier on an electric bike than by car. Multiple stops combined in one trip on an electric bike are convenient and fun.

Can you share the bike with another in your household?
More people means more trips- many of which are practical on an electric bike.

Do you want to get more exercise?
E-bikes assist your pedaling; they don’t replace it. Many people find they ride more (and get more exercise) when they have an electric assist.

Do you want to do more for our environment?
Riding an electric bike reduces gasoline use and global warming. It also reduces air and noise pollution.

Do you already own a regular bicycle?. Many find having a choice for a trip is great.

Do you want a simpler lifestyle?
An electric bike is simple to use, fix, and pay for. It’s the kind of clean, quiet, and people-friendly transportation we want in our neighborhoods.

Is saving money on transportation costs important to you?
Electricity to power an electric bike costs only cents for per kilometer of travel. Maintenance and repair costs are also much less than for a car. When combined with public transportation, you can get most anywhere.

Do you set an example for others? Do you invest in sustainable products?
Electric bicycles are the first affordable electric vehicles. Riding one demonstrates their practicality. Investing in one forwards the entire industry of electric vehicles.

Does local traffic congestion cause you stress?
In addition to helping ease traffic congestion, riding an electric bike enables you to glide past traffic snarls.

Electric Bicycle Benefits

  • Riding an electric bike doesn’t require a license, registration, or insurance.
  • The investment and operating costs are small.

Building one car uses as much material as it takes to make 100 bicycles. For every 500 miles an electric bike is used in place of a car, an average of 25 gallons of fuel is saved – and this much pollution is prevented:

• 3.42 pounds of hydrocarbons
• 25.28 pounds of carbon monoxide
• 1.77 pounds of nitrogen oxides